New Social Sales Platform

VSELL is the first place that combines the characteristics of social media and sales platforms.

VSELL provides access to valuable and detailed knowledge of the offers and vendors without leaving the platform.


Collect Trust points

VSELL is a new social media platform for commercial purposes, on which sellers and buyers build mutual trust.

The number of trust points is unlimited. You can collect them both as a seller and as a buyer, which gives you more and more recognition in the community.


Why are people who have heard about VSELL honestly excited? Because VSELL exploits the fundamental fact that purchases are a social activity.

VSELL is shopping with friends, people you admire, and new friends. It’s like a real online shopping centre!


Shopping on the platform

The shops on VSELL are chosen by you, they are the products and services you are interested in, and the vendors you like.

Create and recommend your group of shops to others and find out which shops your friends are visiting. VSELL means shopping in a friendly atmosphere.

Do you have anything to offer? No problem! You can build as many stores as you want; anyone of any purpose. Setting up a shop does not require setting up a website, technical background, or financial expenditure.

Profiles, rankings, and top sellers

If you use sales platforms, don’t you know who you can do business with and who you can trust? Stop it! VSELL helps sellers build their personal brand, allows buyers to recognize their personality, and build a professional image.

You can create a VSELL profile not only as a merchant but also as a platform user. Build your new shopping personality. Comment, share, rate!

Share with others what you like, what you recommend, where you buy, and what you think about it.

Top rated

Your profile, your offers,

your Shops

We are like our relationships. You promote yourself positively and build relationships by buying from friends.

On VSELL you can watch others – find out who is offering what. It is convenient to go shopping with friends.

Sales by video

On the Internet, most of the purchases are made spontaneously, which can be a bad choice for us due to incomplete information.

At VSELL sales are done through short videos, as the video format allows you to better understand the product or service. It allows you to get to know the exact offer faster, so you can make the right choice the first time.



VSELL is shopping with people, not with algorithms. This is personal service and authentic messages.

Chat with friends, send and receive money transfers for purchases you made.

Home page

Everywhere, we are being attacked with commercials that we don’t want to see. Your homepage on the VSELL platform is individually adapted to your needs, which you can change at any time.

This will only show you the offers you are really interested in.

With just one click, you can block or approve content/presentations of products/sellers / other users and many other options – these tools give you full control over the content you reach.


Product and services on VSELL

We believe that users should be able to find all the products and services they need, as well as the associated videos, opinions and comments, content, and reviews, without leaving the Platform.

Therefore, on VSELL you can sell and buy both products and services in all categories that interest you.

For buyers

For sellers

Read what other people are saying about VSELL!

“We are like our relationships. We look at what is happening now, you promote others in a positive way and build relationships. "
"Video is much easier to show how, for example, a given piece of clothing lies on the body, material or color."
“Video - great, that's missing. I like my trust, you never know who's who. Very cool - when is it coming out ??"
“I like the idea of rankings. This awakens positive competition between sellers. It is also a huge plus that the categories that interest us are displayed."
"Great idea, I will be able to add friends and shop with them!"
“I like the idea, it's something new! I'm waiting until I can do my first shopping. "